Bank Lobby Equip & Accessories

Matels modular centerpieces feature a common base plate design that houses combinations of selected components. This provides the designer unlimited flexibility. All systems and components are available in various metal finishes..more items..

Bank Calendars

Perpetual Calendars are in single or double sided models with/without base plates and optional wall mounts. These Calendars come with optional digital or manual date card inserts..more items..

Bank Pens Refills & Pen sets

Matel Pen Sets include black security pen and cable and are surface mounted with double sided, commercial grade adhesive tape. Choose from various shapes and finishes..more items..

Replacement Parts

Modular accessories and replacement pens, refills, digital clocks, digital calendar elements, dates card inserts, pen funnels. Custom replacement items of all manufacturers are available..more items..


The Symmetry series is designed for personnel and facilities identification. Signage includes magnetic name plates in different styles, colors and metal finishes...more items..

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